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We, Marketreportsonindia.com and/or its subsidiaries, under the terms and conditions (this Agreement), provide specific services including online data on several websites. The services can be accessed by registered and/or unauthorised users. Through our online data service we offer market research reports, newsletters, content, data, news, information, programmes and other tangible or intangible materials. Users are supposed to use these services according to the constituted agreement.

This is a STANDARD AGREEMENT that will remain effective unless a NEW agreement is made between you and the company. The new agreement shall include usage terms of part OR all of our services. In case a new product or service is introduced, its usage will be according to the STANDARD AGREEMENT unless any other written agreement or notification regarding the new product/service is provided by us.

Usage Terms,

Materials from our website should be downloaded only for personal usage on a personal browser. Users are allowed to print a SINGLE COPY of any material for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Reuse, republishing OR distribution of any material in any other format is strictly prohibited under the agreement.

We, hereby, take it as your agreement to follow all notices and needs accompanying Third-Party Content.


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