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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy @ Market Reports on Russia

Your information is safe in our hands :

Market reports on Russia (MRR) uses a reliable system for storing customer information. Whenever a customer visits our page, his/her IP gets recorded into this system, which is then used to check issues pertaining to server, to collect visit details, and to manage order related data. With your IP address, it becomes easier for us to understand and respond to your requests for buying our products/services. We, under any circumstances, DO NOT SHARE your information with the outer world.

Emails- a safe and easy way of connecting with us :

When you share your email address with us, it gets recorded in our database. On sharing your email address, you get access to our additional services. You can choose our newsletter service that will keep you updated about the niche of your interest. Customising the settings as per your preferences is also possible. In case you want the newsletter service to be discontinued, you can any time opt out of it.

SSL software keeps your information tightly sealed :

We use Secure Sockets Layer software (SSL) to protect your information from unauthorised access and sharing. The information filled in by you is encrypted by the software, thereby forming a strong protection against possible hackers and fraudsters. Yet, we advise you to SIGN OUT every time when using a shared computer device.

Legal Disclaimer :

Market Reports on Russia (MRR) reserves all rights to disclose and share your personal information in the event of legal proceedings. Your information will be revealed whenever the need to comply with the court orders arises or whenevever a rightful disclosure is needed for protection of our rights (as per laws).


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