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Order Guide

Order Guide

How do I Order?

To place an online order, all you have to do is click on the report of your choice. A page showing Abstract, Table of Contents, and Related Reports will appear. After going through the details, you need to select a Licence Type and hit the 'Buy Now' button shown on the left side of the page. You'll be then taken to the 'Checkout Process' page where the Order Summary will be displayed on the right hand side. You'll be asked to fill all your details including Name, Contact, Company, Country, etc. and register with us. You then just have to click on the 'Proceed to Check Out' button. Some publications may offer multiple options for delivery including hard copies or PDF deliveries.

What modes of payments can be used?

We accept payments through Credit cards, Cheques, Wire transfers and online modes. We have tie-ups with 2Checkout, Amex, EBS, and PayPal. To get your invoice made, you can contact our customer service between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm IST, Monday to Friday, and from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm IST on Saturdays.

Are there shipping charges ?

Shipping charges are applicable for materials shipped in a printed format. These charges (shipping and handling costs) are calculated on the product's weight. Details of all these charges will be revealed to you before we confirm your order.

What are the different types of licence ?

Rates of reports vary for different types of licence. Know what these types are-

Single User License:
With this licence, only a single user can use the report. The user can view and print the report using any computer, but is not supposed to share the same with any other person. Violation of this licence will cause the user to pay a Site Licence Fee.
Department License:
This licence is meant for a single department or a section of an organisation.
Site License:
This licence allows the report to be used by unlimited users working under the SAME CORPORATE LOCATION. This means that only a particular branch of a company, for e.g. a regional office, can use the report purchased. Users can print the reports using any computer, but cannot share the same with other corporate locations. If the terms are found to be violated, users will be charged with a Global Site Licence fee.
Global Site License:
This license allows for use of a report by unlimited users within the purchasing corporation e.g. all employees of a single company. Each of these people may use the report on any computer, and may print out the report, but may not share the report (or any information contained therein) with any other person or persons outside of the enterprise.


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